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SZABO LIZA POLE STUDIO was founded to introduce pole fitness and pole sports in Hungary.

Through our hard work, this new way of getting fit is becoming more and more popular and recognized as a sport in Hungary.
Pole sport has become sought-after among men and children as well, so we now offer special classes for all ages and gender.

Pole fitness and pole sport provide functional training with the help of a vertical chrome  pole that requires a lot of strength and stamina to work on. It is suitable for everyone who wants to get stronger, more toned and more flexible. You don’t have to be fit to start, you will get fit once you get going. Our special programs and step-by-step system of progressive levels will help you advance safely and with ease beyond what you ever thought possible.

Pole fitness has many benefits, both physical and mental. You gain more muscle power, improve your figure in a fun way. It is also good for your self-esteem because you get better in every class and every class keeps being a challenge that you can meet head on. You will learn new skills, progress faster and be safer with us than alone.

Our pole fitness classes are suitable for the younger generation as well. Children have fun and learn exciting and spectacular moves. Their strength training with their own body weight will not put too much strain on them if they are taught the right technique and will become naturally strong and supple.

We offer the following classes:

6 levels of adult and junior pole classes

Acro Pole Classes

Pole Flow

Latin Pole


Pole Conditioning


Private Classes

Birthday Party Classes

Bachelorette Party Classes

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